How to Hang Christmas Lights

Christmas lights are already coming up! I cannot tell you how surprised I am that it is that time of year again. Where has 2014 gone? Hanging Christmas lights is a huge tradition for many people during the holiday season.SMChristmasLights

Choose what lights you want to use. In this day and age, there are so many types of lights to choose from. Do you want LED, solar, string or icicle lights? Each has their own beauty and knowing which kind of light you want to use can add a different element to your light design.

Have the necessary clips and other equipment needed to hang your lights. Depending on the structure of your roof and lighting choice, there are many clips to choose from. Check out this in depth chart to help you navigate which clips are best suited for your decor.

Stay safe while putting up your lights. Remember to never hang lights while they are plugged in, never cut the electric cord while the lights are plugged in, along with these other tips.